We are working with governments to ensure essential services and disbursements can be delivered simply and securely to the families and communities who need it most.

Social aid disbursements are crucial for all types of vulnerable people in emerging and established economies alike. Getting this aid to the rightful recipients can cause significant time challenges, expenses, and risks of theft or fraud for both the giver and the receiver. These inefficiencies can cost governments millions and reduce the benefits to those in need.

Through digital innovation and collaborative partnerships, Mastercard is transforming the way essential services and disbursements can be delivered to, and used by, underserved communities. This innovation spans food provisions for children in the poorest countries, like Paraguay, for example, to to social benefits in developed economies like the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, Paraguay, and Mexico, we have built deep relationships with local partners to create improved disbursement payment methods through digital payments. Our combined efforts have provided more secure, predictable, and accessible disbursements to millions in need of financial inclusion and increased financial security.

Explore the programs and technology solutions driving secure disbursement payments